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If you are a boutique hotel lover but you can’t renounce to the comfort and the liberty of staying in a house, we have designed for you stylish and cosy apartments, an ideal choice for a short or long stay, only 30 metres from the most famous beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Canteras.

We are travellers, dreamers, explorers, we love books, Nature and the beauty in all its forms.

After years in the capital of the Italian fashion, surrounded by pollution and overwhelmed by the stressful lifestyle of Milan, we have chosen the colours and the scents of the sea, the slow pace of the Canary Islands and some time to enjoy this little corner of heaven.

Our apartments reflect our style and our tastes, always with a special eye on Nature and the environment around us, without renouncing  to the comfort which is the most important thing we expect when we travel.

Also our courtesy set selection respects the environment, every product is provided by a factory which uses RPET (recycled PET able to reduce about the 75% of the CO2 emissions compared to the traditional polyester).

We can sum up our philosophy in a few words: “the most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself”-Wallace Stevens. That’s why you should travel, love and respect the world around you.